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Kürzlich hatte ich euch bereits ein paar Einblicke in geliefert. Heute erreicht mich nun passend dazu eine Mail vom Team, in der die neuen Features nochmal kurz erklärt werden.

Release 1.9 of is now live!

This release brings you Multiple Personas, Richer Profiles, Status Updates, Google Analytics support and much more!

Multiple Personas. Personas are your tool for determining who sees what about you on your site. Each Persona can have its own theme, profile information, profile photo/avatar, and content. You can create as many Personas as you like. You can also assign and invite contacts to each Persona. You are now in control of who sees what. Check out the tutorial in the support section to help you get started!

Richer Profiles. Your profile includes personal information about you, your contact information, addresses and messaging accounts. Complete your profile by entering your work, home and other information, then control who sees this content by creating Personas for Work, Family, Friends and more!

OpenID. Your visitors can authenticate with their OpenID to see privileged content on your site.

Status Updates. You can now post your status to your site. Let your friends know what you are up to!

Twitter Updates. To ensure that your tweets come in in a timely fashion, edit your service, check your username and password, and hit the save button. We are working on ways to make this even easier in a future release.

MicroID. You may now enable and disable MicroID, which can be used to claim your site with other sites that support claiming via MicroID.

Google Analytics. You can now set up a Google Analytics account for your site. Go to Google Analytics and get your Web Property ID, enter it in your .mp site settings and you will be able to track your site traffic with Google Analytics.

Customize Title and Meta Description. You may now customize the browser title that is displayed on your public profile along with the meta description tag that is used by some search engines.

We thank you all for your input. The more you tell us, the better can serve you! We really want to hear about your experiences, both good and bad. Join the conversation at Get Satisfaction and let us know what you think.

Thanks for using to take control of your digital life. Keep having fun!


The Team

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