Google lässt Desktop-Tool für Wave als „illegal“ entfernen

In der Google Group für die Wave-API hat sich etwas sehr interessantes abgespielt. Ein User hatte ein Desktop-Tool geschrieben, mit dem man sich über neue Waves in der eigenen Inbox benachrichtigen lassen konnte. Daraufhin ergab sich folgender Dialog mit einer Google-Mitarbeiterin:

pamela (Google Employee)
Hi Oliver –
There is no source code in the repository. Where is the source code
available at?
We do not offer an API that gives access to inbox information, so I’m
curious as to how you managed to do this. Can you explain further?

Oliver Baker
Hi Pamela,
My application is relatively basic. On any web browser open up Google
Wave and then view its source, Google Wave builds the User Interface
after it loads the main page, which is why you can’t see the User
Interface Code (Unless you are using Google Chrome and use the
Inspector on the User Interface). However, when Google Wave Finishes
loading the page before creating the GUI the source of the page
contains an Array of your Waves (Not in 100% entirety, like not all
the Blips will have all of their text written in the source of the
page) but there is an extremely sufficient amount there to Gather your
Waves, their ID’s, Title, Creator etc…
After Gathering that information (Which I have not entirely perfected
yet) I display the Waves for the user in the Programs Notify Icon Menu
along with each ones Total Messages and Unread Messages.

pamela (Google Employee)
Hey Oliver-
I responded to you offline, but will also respond here to keep the thread in
the forum.
I assumed that was how you were doing this, but wanted to give you a chance
to explain. It is generally considered illegal to „scrape“ the HTML of
webpages that do not grant explicit permission for that. That is why
webpages provide APIs- so that developers can legally use content.

Eine wirklich sehr bemerkenswerte Rechtsauffassung mit der Google hier innovative Entwickler behindert… ^^


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